Truly the future is only about responsive designs. Previously, the search result views on tablets would vaguely resemble to that of mobile search along with few components of desktop search. However, this year, Google privately launched a brand new interface for search results on tablet devices, offering a unique and exclusive experience to the tablet users. The new look is a dramatic change from its previous look, and it is so different from the previous view that it will take some time for the eyes and mind to finally start liking and comprehending it thoroughly.

Conspicuously, the design and the layout have changed and are way different from the previous version. You will notice a remarkable change in the navigation bar that has become skinnier, giving lot of empty white space on the left and right of the search results, and many other aesthetic changes have been made. However, main categories such as “Web”, “News”, “Videos” or “Images” have not been changed. Also, when local results come up, they take the whole screen.

The objective of creating unique designs and layouts for tabloid users is to make their searches more effective. The new interface view in the tabloid uses a form of card-like results thereby making the searches more clean and clear.

Google has left no stones unturned in making sure that its users get the best search experience. Therefore, without creating a fuss of it, Google unnoticeably launched a new search results interface for tabloid users. Only time will tell, how well or unwell the new interface is appreciated. It has already been a week or so, and, on Google Web Search Forums, a huge ray of complaints have already started flowing in. Google is yet to respond to these complaints.