Online Marketing

Google Local Optimisation

Google My Business ensures that your business ranks on Google Maps, Google+ and Google search. It is therefore extremely important to list your business on this platform as it allows your customers to find your place of business and your contact details with ease. Best of all it allows you to link to your website and various other social media platforms.


Google My Business represents your company’s profile on Google’s social media platform. It allows you to share content and post updates to your Google+ stream, and allows you to engage with your potential clients personally. It enables your customers to ask for driving direction straight to your business premises and contact you via phone or email. Your Google My Business profile allows customers to see company reviews, which builds a certain amount of trust with potential clientele.

How would Toast Media improve your Google Local listing?

Toast Media will optimise your Google Local listing/Google My Business profile by:

  • Choosing the correct category for your business
  • Optimisation of your company’s business description
  • Making sure that your company’s contact details; such as your business phone number, website address and address are correct.
  • Adding images/video to enhance your profile
  • Full listing completion
  • Listing Verification

Having all the above optimised will ensure that your Google+ listing will be favoured by Google.