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Pay Per Click Advertising Management

What is Pay per Click advertising and how will it help grow my business?

Pay per click advertising, also known as cost per click (C.P.C) is paid online advertising that can track conversion rates, target a specific audience, reach potential customers and is able to target multiple devices to be displayed on. Paid online advertising allows you to be seen on search and display networks, according to the nature of your business or brand. These search and display networks are all associated with Google, and therefore will greatly enhance and boost your online marketing campaign and visibility. Search networks show text adverts above or on the right hand side of the search results that related to the matching search queries. This helps advertisers to reach their specific audiences searching for products and services they have on offer.

The benefits of online paid advertising are:

  • You can target your ads by specifying locations, age groups, languages and keywords to reach the relevant market.
  • You can measure your campaign success through a host of different ranking tools that allow you to access your advertisement conversion rates, gain valuable data and analyse potential customer habits.
  • You can control your budget by choosing how much you would like to spend per day, week and month on your online advertising.

Display networks are a collection of Google partner websites that will show adverts relating to their specific pages. For example; a finance partner site will show display adverts relating to a financial institution who wants to up their brand awareness.

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