Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as SEO, is the practise of enhancing your websites visibility of various search engines through organic traffic. Organic traffic is any unpaid results for search engine listings. In other words, the more you company appears in the search results for certain keywords, phrases, images ect, the higher your website will rank.

At Toast Media, our expert SEO Strategists use a variety of methods to aid in your organic search rankings; such as:

  • Onsite Optimisation: SEO writers research and prescribe a number of keywords directly suited to your industry that are incorporated into your websites copy, ensuring your website is recognised on all search engines.
  • Link Building: Toast Media¬†uses a number of different link research tools to find both link and citation courses to list your business on. This allows us to effectively build a number of contextual links to your website that will multiply¬†your organic traffic and audience, increase overall site awareness, and ultimately drive more sales.
  • Reporting: With the use of a number of reporting sources; like Raventools, Google analytics and Ranktracker, we are able to assess your keyword, landing pages and website rankings to better understand which keywords and pages we need to optimise and improve upon. Because of the constantly changing algorithms of search engines, our SEO Strategists need to monitor these rankings on a daily basis to ensure your websites status remains a cut above the rest.
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