Online Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Platforms not only increase your rankings on search engines, but aid in boosting the organic traffic to your website too. If managed correctly, your various platforms can increase your business revenues because it gives customers another avenue of making contact with you and allows personal interaction, creating a sense of trust, leading to brand loyalty.


Using social media platforms to market your business allows you to create content that will grab the attention of your clients. This leads to electronic word of mouth, because readers are encouraged to share and like the content. 76% of businesses use social media platforms and a number of companies have seen massive growth because of their social media marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing planning will include the following:

  • Selecting the correct social media platforms that will suite your business’s needs
  • Defines a financial budget in terms of advertising on the various platforms chosen
  • Selecting a target market
  • Promotion of your brand, products or services on offer
  • Performance measures
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